Melissa Laggis Photographer

The bond shared between domesticated dogs and their people is, arguably, one of the strongest bonds between two species.
Scientific evidence supports the fact that dogs wandered into the fire sites of humans more than 40,000 years ago. Many thousands of years before humans even began cultivating agriculture and domesticating other animals such as cattle and sheep!

The symbiotic relationship between humans and dogs has existed for so long, neither party knows quite how to live without the other.

People who love dogs will always have dogs in their lives. This is the simple truth for any dog loving human. 

At Melissa Laggis Photographer, my job is to document and commemorate the moments shared by these people and their dogs. I photograph humans and their furry companions all over the state of Alaska. Many of my portraits are made in Anchorage, Palmer, or Wasilla Alaska. A very favorite spot for dog and people portraits is Hatcher Pass. The mountains and rivers provide gorgeous Alaska scenic backdrops that compliment the portraits.