Melissa Laggis Photographer
About Melissa

All About Melissa

I think the most important thing anyone should know about me is that I love what I do.
I’ve been a professional photographer since 1993. I tend to see my subjects in their very best light and I love making images that showcase how people feel about themselves and their pups.
My dog portraits have been published multiple times in The Canine Chronicle, Working Dog Digest, Poodle Variety, Show Site and The Herding Dog Digest.
When I’m not in my studio, I can be found in the back country, hiking, camping and traveling where ever the wind may take me. Or on my couch next to a roaring fire, working on a knitting project.
Always accompanied by my own dogs!

My Passion for Dogs

In my down time, I love to knit and hike. But my favorite hobbies are the ones that involve my dogs. I currently have four dog and participate in a variety of dog related sports and activities. I can often be seen backcountry hiking, in obedience classes, working in agility as well as in the conformation ring with my dogs.

Combining my 24 years of portrait photography experience and my obsession with all things dog related, I have created a unique niche in dog photography and am celebrated as one of Alaska’s top portrait artists for dogs.

I work with positive reinforcement training when I create dog portraits. A combination of high value treats, praise, and for dogs familiar, clicker training, are the tools used during all of my portrait sessions for dogs.
A calm atmosphere in the studio is always encouraged (and enforced!).