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Irish Setter Dog at Melissa Laggis Photographer

The Irish Setter dog is one of the first dog breeds I had encountered, as a child.

When I was growing up, everyone had a dog. My family always had a German Shepherd dog. Another family in our neighborhood had Golden Retrievers. And two families we were especially close with, each had an Irish Setter. I had thought those two Irish Setters were the most beautiful dogs I had ever seen. One was named Ana and the other, Sonja. The long, red fur, soulful eyes and sweet disposition attracted me to the Irish Setter dog breed, right from the start. 

The Irish Setter will always have a special place in my heart.

Irish Setters are very friendly dogs. They are a playful breed and they LOVE people! Irish Setters were originally bred as gun dogs. Even today, this dog breed is used for this purpose. Irish Setters are very successful as gun dogs in the field. And, at the end of the day, the Irish Setter will happily curl up at home with his family and enjoy the evening.

Cassie, of Glenrose Kennels, is also a lover of Irish Setters. Her family has bred Irish Setters for decades. I love visiting with their dogs! They are all sweet and loving, very much as you'd expect from this happy breed. 
I was absolutely tickled pink when Cassie called me to book a puppy session for Glenrose's newest addition. Sweet Brandy came in to the studio with bright eyes and a quiet confidence. She was playful and silly for the first part of our session. Brandy had a knack for making the best clownish faces for the camera. 
After a while, though, the Irish Setter puppy got sleepy. Brandy laid down right on the table and chilled out while I finished making her portraits. She was patient and easy-going through the entire process. I won't lie, I was VERY tempted to keep Brandy and not let Cassie take her back home!

Irish Setters are a sweet breed with a very active spirit.

As friendly and outgoing as this dog breed can be, they are equally active and in need of a LOT of exercise and mental stimulation. These guys need at least an hour of serious activity each day. They are also fantastic dogs for training and tricks! The Irish Setter is a dog breed I recommend to anyone who wants an adventure dog, has experience with dogs, and can't get enough affection from their dogs.
A great, all around sporting dog, that also has a stunning look and an Irish background... you really can't go wrong with the Irish Setter!