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Portraits for dogs

Alaska Dog Photographer: Terrier Mix Breed

So I'm not 100% sure of the breeds that make up this sweet guy. But, according to Chewy's human, he's got some Terrier in him for sure, and probably some Dachshund.

Regardless of his mix, one thing is certain... Chewy is downright ADORABLE.

I don't know what it is about the furry ones, but my heart melts when they come through my studio doors. And with Chewy, I just fell head over heels as soon as he and I met.

Chewy waltzed into my studio, ready to roll. He was confident and not the least bit nervous about being in a new place. He and I spent some time getting to know each other while I offered cheesy treats and he sniffed all my studio props and backdrops.

It's so important for dogs to feel comfortable and at home in the studio. Portrait photography can be overwhelming for even the most trained dog. It's my job to make sure they all have a positive experience.

The session started out with some simple close ups of this Terrier Mix Breed dog on my table. He LOVED the treats I had and was eager to work for the cheese. I used his food motivation to my advantage and worked with Chewy to do "sits," and "downs" on the table.

Once it was clear this handsome dog was a photography rock star, we moved to the antique chair I have in my studio. This chair is one of my most favorite props. And when a dog will hang out on the chair, well the portraits are ALWAYS lovely.

Chewy loved the chair and quickly made himself at home as he rested on the seat. Chewy's human and I share the favorite portrait of the session. It's the one with Chewy on the chair as the chair back looks like his crown on top of his head. Just perfect!

Melissa Laggis Photographer: Dachshund Mix Dog

I encounter all sorts of adorable mix breed dogs while shooting my sessions. And this Dachshund mix is certainly no exception! No one knows what other breeds are in this boy. But my guess is that he has a bit of Pomeranian roaming around in his genes.

Any dog with Dachshund in his blood is cute enough, in my book. But when I heard what this Dachshund mix's name was, I fell even more in love with the little guy!

This boy's humans named him... are you ready?... POOPER! I can confidently say that this is the first dog I've met named Pooper. His humans say they gave him that name because, "it's the only name he responds to." Well, I guess it's good to go with what works!

Pooper (I don't think I can get used to using that name!) was an absolutely pro during his portraits. He loved all the attention his humans and I lavished upon him. He bounced and pranced and spun around every chance he got!

Pooper also knew a few tricks and he was very eager to show off his skills! Pooper's most popular trick was his hand shake. I truly believe I could have asked him to "shake" 101 times, and he'd be happy to oblige every single time!

Another one of Pooper's tricks was his innate ability for the drama pose. The drama pose is what I call any pose a dog gives me that elicits an "ooo" or "ahhh" response from us humans. Pooper was especially good at his standing drama poses. These definitely ended up being favorite Pooper images for me.

All in all, this sweet Dachshund mix dog was an absolutely joy to have in my studio. I'm very much looking forward to having little Pooper visit again!

Alaska Dog Photographer: Wire Haired Dachshund

I don't get to see too many Wire Haired Dachshund dogs here in Alaska.

I tend to get very excited when one comes to my studio! There are three varieties of Dachshund, each variety is based on their coat texture. Doxies have similar personalities, even when their coat type is different.

Jillian called about a portrait session for her sweet Doxie, Milo. She told me Milo was a Wire Haired, and I prepared myself for a fun shoot. You see, Dachshunds are a special breed. They are very attached to their people and they LOVE to clown around! Dachshunds love to play games and they are quite the extrovert.

Milo came in to my studio in standard Dachshund style. Every step Milo took was filled with confidence and pride. He walked like a Dachshund, he was built like a Dachshund, Milo even acted just like a Dachshund. But there was one tiny problem... Milo didn't have the COAT of a Dachshund.

Wire Haired Dachshunds have a soft undercoat with a coarse top coat. Milo's hair, however, was ALL soft and fluffy. His hair was long and even curled a bit. I looked at Jillian and couldn't help but ask, "are we SURE he's a Wire Haired Dachshund?"

Jillian gave me a wry smile and responded, "well, that's what they told me... but I'm not so sure." :)

Milo is 100% adorable, even if he's not 100% Wire Haired Dachshund. This boy definitely brought his charm to his session. I enjoyed playing with Milo and watching him clown around. He learned quickly that there was cheese in my pocket. And Milo wanted that cheese! So he did what any smart little Doxie would do, and he worked for it.

Milo danced and twirled for me. He jumped in the air and (tried to) roll over. Milo even gave me some kisses on my nose! And in the rare moments of quiet, I could look at Milo's face and see his sweet personality.

In the end, Milo definitely got the cheese. He got all the cheese in my pocket and a little extra. And when Milo was calm enough, he also got loads of snuggles!