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Portraits for dogs

Leo the Great Dane teaches us why puppy portraits are important!

Leo the Great Dane

This is a story about my first Great Dane. His name was Leonidas Demetri, but we all called him, Leo.
Leo was a massive dog. Even for a Great Dane, Leo towered on the taller side of average. And his head!... Leo's head was massive! He had huge jowls that hung down over his lower jaw, creating the perfect pockets for his drool. Leo had a lot of drool, it was one of his most enduring AND annoying qualities. <3

Great Dane puppies grow very quickly.

Great Danes certainly grow more quickly than an average size dog. And puppyhood, which is already a fleeting moment in a dog's life, feels especially like the blink of an eye in the life of a Great Dane. I decided it was important to capture Leo as the small puppy he was in those early days of coming home. I knew he was going to go through some drastic growth spurts over the next year of his life, and I didn't want to forget those first moments, when I could still carry him in my arms.

Leo's puppy portraits were perfect!

I was so happy with Leo's puppy images. The portraits absolutely captured his small(ish) size, his awkward feet that already looked bigger than his body could use. 
Leo still had blue eyes at the time of his puppy portraits. I had high hopes that Leo's eyes would remain blue. But as he grew, his eye color changed to a more standard brown that are more common in the Great Dane breed. I'm glad, now, to have portraits of Leo's sweet blue eyes while he was still a tiny baby.

Leo, my sweet, giant merle patterned Great Dane, is no longer with us. He passed over Rainbow Bridge a few years ago. One of his puppy portraits hangs in my home. His wall portrait is a precious reminder of the days he was small. Those months that lasted only mere moments in the course of his life, are still fresh in my memory as I walk by Leo's grand puppy portrait each day, in my home.

I loved that boy with all of my heart. Leo was my first introduction to the Great Dane breed. I am forever grateful to have him in my heart. And also to have his portrait hanging in my home.