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Better Than a Baby Gender Reveal, A German Shepherd Puppy Reveal!

Do you know the very best way to surprise a 10 year old girl?

Puppies! Of course! German Shepherd puppies, to be specific.

Now, before I get into the nitty-gritty of this particular puppy photo session, let me back up a couple of steps and explain just how this sweet surprise came about; 

Madison had been wanting a dog for a while. About four years, as a matter of fact! She would beg her family, promising she would take excellent care of the new dog, if just given the chance. Every plea from Madison, brought about the same family response of, "not right now."
Most kids would get tired of asking and just give up. After all, in the life of a 10 year old, four years is nearly half of her life! 
But Madison persisted. 
Meanwhile, Madison's family had been waiting for the right opportunity to bring a new dog into their life. German Shepherd dogs have long been a breed favorite for this crew. So when the time was right, they concentrated their efforts on finding a German Shepherd puppy.

Do you know how, sometimes, when you get one thing, you start to think; "if one is good, two must be better"?

Well, Madison's family had that train of thought when they were researching German Shepherd puppies. Turns out, Madison's grandparents ended up with a German Shepherd puppy, too!

Madison's mom wanted to make this Puppy Reveal extra special for her daughter. A photo session at my studio was the perfect solution. After all, I have been photographing Madison's family for just about 17 years!
Brittanii, Madison's mom, called me with her idea and together we made a plan. 
Madison came to my studio thinking she was here for a regular portrait session. We began the session with some quick shots of Madison. Then Brittanii took some time to primp Madison and pretend to fix her hair. While Madison was distracted, her grandma and aunt snuck in through my back door with one of my milk crates, filled with two puppies! (I told you this was a family affair!)

SURPRISE! You just got yourself two German Shepherd puppies!

SURPRISE! You just got yourself two German Shepherd puppies!

We were all tickled at how long it took Madison to notice there were puppies just behind her. But I should have known, Madison has always been an outstanding photo subject for me, since she was a newborn. Of COURSE she would follow directions and keep her focus on me and my camera!
After some quick thinking, and some silent giggles, I had Madison turn her head a bit.

And then, voila!, the puppies were discovered!

What could make these puppies even more precious? Add flowers, of course!

What could make these puppies even more precious? Add flowers, of course!

This Puppy Reveal could not have been more perfect! Madison's reactions to the two newest members of her family was priceless! She squealed and asked if she could hold them. Madison later told me that, when she first saw the two German Shepherd pups, she thought they were mind. What can I say? This kid knows me well!
As the initial excitement wound down, we got to work photographing the puppies' first portrait session. These two little dolls immediately stole my heart. They slept through most of the rest of the session. Clearly, the excitement of the evening had worn them out! I was able to caputre some really cute images of this little boy and girl.

Oh yes, and if you're curious, these two cuties are named; Hawkin and Millie.
Sweet names made even sweeter once I tell you, these two German Shepherds are named for Stranger Things characters!
Hawkin is the police sheriff and Millie is the name of the actress who plays Eleven. 
If you're a Stranger Things fan, you get the references. And if you're not, well, you can still appreciate the adorable names <3