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Alaska Dog Photographer: Goldendoodle Puppy

This is Izzy! She has the sweetest little personality of any pup I've met. And trust me, I meet a LOT of puppies!Izzy's human, Kayla, has been a client of mine for many, many years. As I wrote that last sentence, I realized that makes us sound quite old. Kayla is still young, though. I first worked with her while she was in high school. Of course, this is the sentence where I will NOT be talking about my own age! Suffice it to say, Kayla goes way back with me as her photographer. :) I was absolutely overjoyed when she contacted me through Facebook to photograph the new member of her little family, Izzy the Goldendoodle. Izzy is a unique Goldendoodle. She is the first one I've ever met who looks more Golden Retriever than Poodle. If Kayla wasn't standing right there to swear to me the truth, I'd swear Izzy was basically a Golden Retriever with a splash of eccentric personality (that would be the Poodle part). Our portrait session for Izzy went off without a hitch. She was the perfect model for her session and seemed to love the camera as much as it loved her.