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Alaska Dog Photographer: Labradoodle Dog

Tesla has two older brothers and one older sister in her new fur family. She was brought into a home filled with a LOT of doodle love! Her two older brothers are Labradoodles named Bentley and Maserati. Her older sister, a Chinese Crested Powderpupp, is named Porsche. Are we sensing a theme, here? :)Having photographed this little family for a few years now, I was over-the-moon excited to meet the newest sweet member of the pack. When little Tesla came into the studio, my heart melted into one giant puddle and dripped down my spine, onto the floor. Her face was so adorable with the perfect placements of her white patches on her snout, I wanted to take her and keep her for myself. Tesla proved herself to be the quintessential Pinterest Labradoodle. Just the sort of doodle folks dream about having one day. Tesla was perfectly behaved (that's the Poodle part of her ;) ). She sat so tall and proud, I knew immediately she was going to have full run of her pack in no time at all! In my humble opinion, Tesla is practically perfect in every way. Even Mary Poppins would agree.