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Alaska Dog Photographer: Mastiff and Doberman mix

Gail and I go way back. She first became a beloved client about four years ago when I photographed her son's senior pictures. His senior session has gone down in studio history as one of the most adventurous sessions I've done. Ah, but that's a story for another time :)Gail contacted me about her son, Adam's, new dog. A lovely girl named Jagerin. She told me that Jagerin was a Mastiff-Doberman mix breed. I wasn't quite sure what to expect in the looks and temperament departments. Part of the charm of mixed breed dogs is that you never quite know what you're gonna get (much like a box of chocolates, eh Forrest Gump?)! A few different scenarios went through my mind before I met Jagerin. I pictured more of a Bull Mastiff type build. I did not, however, imagine a dog that looked strikingly similar to a Rhodesian Ridgeback!! Jagerin fit the Rhodesian Ridgeback form very well. The size, the coat, the coloring... she was missing the tell tale ridge on her back, but as anyone who loves the Rhodesian Ridgeback knows, sometimes that happens. Jagerin looked so much like she was mixed with Rhodesian Ridgeback, I had to have Adam show me a picture of her parents, just to be sure! And there they were as plain as day, a whoops litter from a Mastiff and a Doberman. So now I know; like blue and yellow make green, Mastiff and Doberman make Rhodesian Ridgeback (sorta)! All kidding aside, Jagerin is such a lovely mix with a beautiful temperament. She worked the camera like a rock star and I fell in love with her beautiful expressions. If I had only one word to describe Jagerin, it would simply be; sublime :)