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Alaska Dog Photographer; Rhodesian Ridgeback

I adore this sweet girl!One of my favorite clients also happens to be her Mama and their story of coming together is a great one; Anna was looking for a Pitbull or Pitbull mix dog to bring into her home. She's been adopting and raising Pitbull breeds since she was just a child. So when a litter was born through a local rescue, Anna was already on the list for a puppy! When the puppies were finally old enough to be adopted, Anna came to visit the litter and noticed something interesting... one of the pups did NOT look like the others. All the paperwork and pictures show this one puppy has been with the Pitbull mama since day one. But this particular puppy looks more like a Rhodesian Ridgeback than any other type of breed! Of course, Anna was already in love and happy to take home this baby girl. But her true breeding remains a mystery. We believe she's half Rhodesian Ridgeback and half American Pitbull. But I suppose we'll never know for sure!