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Alaska Dog Photographer; Rottweiler Dog

Deuce is one of my favorite Rottweilers of all time. He's silly, he's full of love, and he will not EVER turn down a good snuggle session with you. I don't think this Rottie boy has ever met someone he doesn't immediately love, and I know he would never hurt a fly. Deuce is a massive Rottweiler. Easily one of the largest Rotts I've encountered. He has a massive and gorgeous head that takes my breath away every time I see him. But, I'd say Deuce's heart is probably the most massive part of this big guy.

Melanie brought Deuce to me for some Christmas portraits. We weren't quite sure what we were going to do for his session. We had a few ideas, but decided to just bring Deuce in and let him lead the way. Boy oh boy, did he lead the way alright!

Using his clowning antics to its fullest, Deuce bounced around the sets. He easily leaped on to the posing table, and had some ideas of his own when it came to posing on the small block. His favorite pose, I think, was his Lifetouch inspired school photo pose :) We knew the session was over when, after one last snap of the camera shutter, Deuce jumped off the posing table and sauntered right to the studio door where he sat patiently, as if to say; "that's a wrap, folks!"