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Portraits for dogs

Alaska Dog Photographer; Standard Poodle and Labrador-Boxer Mix

December always brings fun adventures in to the studio. Almost as though the dogs can sense the excitement in their humans' heart, the pups come in for portraits in an extra jovial mood in December. This month truly is my favorite month to photograph dogs in the studio! Jackie had been trying to get her two dogs in for portraits for several months. When the stars finally aligned for the session, we decided the session wouldn't be complete with out her son in the portraits as well!

Ziggy, the Standard Poodle puppy, was happy to come in and play. As is the tendency with the Poodle breed, he was comical, with a free spirit about his soul. Ziggy was also very well behaved and did an excellent job listening to his commands. The cheese treats certainly helped entice him.

ALdun was a bit more trepidatious. She took some time to warm up to her environment, but once she was sure my studio was a place of comfort and love, she fell right into the routine of being a super star for her portraits. In the end, I think the portraits I made of ALdun are some of my favorite portraits made to date!

But the best part of Jackie's session with her two pups and her son was the big reveal. Jackie came in to view her images, as each of the images came up on the screen before her eyes, she became more and more teary. "You have a gift," she told me. And that made ME cry!

My great honor is providing images to these lovely humans who have a heart for animals. To witness the connection between a person and her pet is truly inspiring. And Jackie is one with a very special connection to her animals, a connection that I will always cherish.