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Alaska Dog Photographer: Two Australian Shepherds

Jenni first contacted me about photographing her Australian Shepherd puppy about five months ago. Timing, however, wasn't on her side. We decided to table the portrait session and wait for the stars to align to make for a great session.Fast forward a few months and Jenni contacted me again. This time we were able to make the session, with her lovely Aussie, happen! Jenni brought Banjo's big brother for moral support. But as soon as he walked in the door, I knew Chevy was going to have to be in some portraits, too! Banjo and Chevy were my last appointment of the day. Both boys were absolutely worth the wait! Immediately, when they arrived, they both displayed that Aussie personality all Australian Shepherd owners know and love. Chevy walked in to the studio like an old pro, completely comfortable with new situations and more than willing to meet a new face to love. While Banjo, who is still a puppy, came with boundless energy and a thirst for new adventures and smells. The fact I had cheese only enhanced both their desires to work :)