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Alaska Dog Photographer: Two Beagle Mixes

Bailey and Olivia kinda hit the jackpot when it comes to adoptive homes for rescue dogs. Bailey came into her new home at a whopping 73lbs!!! For a smallish-medium dog, 73 pounds is a LOT of weight to carry around. Thankfully for Bailey, when her new family adopted her almost four years ago, the first major change was better dog food and balanced meals. Bailey dropped 30lbs and has kept her lovely, slim figure for the last 3 1/2 years.Olivia is just lovely. A sweet girl who is just a tiny bit shy around new people, she is happy to go anywhere with Bailey, who gives Olivia all the confidence she needs. Olivia LOVES her human mama, and who could blame her? She's showered with adoration. Both girls get lots of training with their human, Brittany. They work so hard to mind their manners and maintain their "stays." But they are, after all, part Beagle. And as we know about Beagles, they LOVE love and love to get all your attention. They also love food, which worked out really well for their portrait session.