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Alaska Dog Photographer: Two Chihuahuas

The first time I saw June and Johnny was when Tina posted a picture of her two Chihuahuas on my business Facebook page. Now, let us take a quick moment and address what are perhaps the two most fantastic names for Chihuahuas; June and Johnny! These two cuties are named for the legends, June Carter and Johnny Cash. And I cannot believe I'm saying this, but these two Chihuahuas do fit their names quite well!

June and Johnny are sister and brother from the same litter. Johnny is quite a bit larger than June. He is almost exactly twice her size! Johnny weighs 6 pounds while his sister, June, is only 3 pounds! Regardless of their size difference, the love between these two Chihuahuas is obvious.

They both were great in front of the camera for their individual shots. And when I added them together for the brother and sister images, their love for the camera came alive! These two Chihuahuas had so much fun together. They snuggled, spun around, and played while I made wonderful portraits of them together.