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Alaska Pug Photographer: Lily the Pug and her Dad

Lily is a very lucky Pug!

Lily holds a special place in the heart of her human, Alan. And he loves her so much, Alan takes her with him just about everywhere he goes. Of course, Lily enjoys all of their adventures. Alan's wife, Kellie emailed me about doing a session for Father's Day for Alan and Lilly. Kellie wrote, "...he LOVES his cute little 13 pound pug, Lily, more than I ever thought possible!" She described her husband as a "tough guy" with a love for his little girl.

Pugs love their humans.

I was very excited to get Lily into the studio because Pugs are just so much fun! These little dogs LOVE to be with people and are great entertainers for their families. If the dog world had superlatives, the Pug would be voted "class clown," every time! Alan and Lily's relationship needed to be the center focus of our session. But it Lily who stole the spotlight, right from the start. Alan and I spent much of our time stifling our giggles at Lily's antics. She was so proud of herself, Lily loved strutting her stuff for the camera!

But the bond between this little Pug and her human is undeniable.

Even though Lily was stealing the spotlight, it was no trouble getting precious photos of Alan and Lily together. These two share a unique bond that I enjoy seeing in all dogs and their people. Lily seemed to know what Alan wanted from her, even without him speaking out loud. Due to this lovely bond, I was able to stretch the creative bounds and make some very fun portraits. This pair will definitely go down as one of my favorite dog and human portrait sessions :)