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Athena and Otis; Rescue Dogs

Athena & Otis are two crossbreed rescue dogs who hit the jackpot with their human mama!

Athena is a lovely girl. This pup is a little shy when she meets new people, so it is important that she has lots of space available when coming into a new situation. Athena loves treats and will come to get a treat after she warms up a bit to the new people.

Ms. Athena is a Pit Bull mix. We are not sure exactly what else she has in her, but we think there could be some Labrador Retriever. Regardless, she has a sweet personality and loves her humans with great passion.

Otis is Athena's brother. He is much more outgoing and expressive when he meets new people. Otis will prance happily toward you for his first greeting. Like his sister, Otis also LOVES a good treat and will show you all of his tricks in hopes of getting one from you.

Otis is one of the more unique dogs I photograph. He is a cross between a German Shorthaired Pointer and a Basset Hound! I've never seen this cross before, and let me tell you, the look of this sort of dog is definitely unforgettable!

This portrait session is the second time I've had Otis and Athena in my studio

The first time Otis and Athena visited me was a couple years ago. They had just moved to Alaska and were feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the new sights and scents. But after some warming up, we all became great friends and I fell head over heels in love with these two rescue dogs!

But this time around, we concentrated on portraits of Otis, Athena, and their human. The weather was bright and sunny, perfect for portraits outside the studio doors.

Once again, these cute rescue dogs did not disappoint me with their character and antics during the photo shoot!