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Bouvier des Flandres at Tern Lake, Alaska

The Bouvier des Flandres is a French herding breed of dog.

This breed is not super common here in Alaska. So when you get the chance to see one, definitely take a second to talk to the Bouvier owner and learn more about this dog breed! Bouviers are not necessarily the right dog for everyone. These herding dogs love their family, but can be strong-willed when it comes to obedience commands. Bouviers like to think for themselves which makes them excellent in the fields and farms, herding and protecting the sheep. But not so great when it comes to being a quiet and cooperative member of a family with small children.

I met up with Vinny, the Bouvier, at Tern Lake early Saturday morning.

Vinny's handler contacted me about doing a photo session for this top 20 Bouvier dog in America and I didn't hesitate to schedule the session! Alaska is filled with breath-taking vistas,so it was easy to find a location to photograph with Vinny.  But the weather was NOT on our side! After rescheduling a couple of times, we finally found the perfect day for a session. Bright and early on a Saturday morning, I made my way down to the Kenai Peninsula where I met with Vinny and his handler.

Photographing this handsome Bouvier des Flandres was a dream!

Vinny has such a sweet spirit! It is clear he loves his handler and is eager to show off his good looks for the camera. Vinny's personality matches his lovely features. He is goofy, happy, and quite affectionate. This big ole Bouvier had us all laughing through out the portrait session! It was no surprise to any of us when people began to crowd around and get a glimpse of Vinny the Bouvier-turned-model.

Vinny got a chance to get his feet wet in Tern Lake, once our session was complete. Vinny was not a fan of getting all the way into the water, but this sweet Bouvier certainly enjoyed dipping his toes and playing with me.