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Chihuahua Dog Photographer: Hello Romeo!

Hello Romeo the Chihuahua!

I love it when a Chihuahua dog comes to my studio to be photographed. This little breed is filled with a sense of self. Chihuahuas don't think they are the most important thing in town, they KNOW they are the most important thing in town!

Romeo is certainly no exception to this breed personality. He strutted his stuff right in to my studio, ready for his close-up. Romeo, the Chihuahua, has a confidence that was easy to see. And he was also more than willing to be picked up for a good snuggle. I was very happy to oblige Romeo's in this task, for snuggling a Chihuahua is right at the top of my list of The Best Things in Life.

I was so happy to see that Romeo brought his favorite person with him to his portrait session.

Romeo was accompanied by his human, Big Sis. She was very happy to tell me all about her adventures with Romeo when they are at home. Big Sis showed me how she loved to hold Romeo and kiss his face. It became very obvious to me, that Romeo's favorite snuggle buddy was his very own Big Sis!

Romeo and I spent our time together playing with different backdrops. Thus ensuring we got the best color and angle to bring out this bold Chihuahua's best side for his portraits. All told, I think we pretty much nailed it!