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Dog Photographer: German Shepherd Puppy Dog

I am a HUGE fan of German Shepherd Dogs.

This dog breed has long been a favorite for me. German Shepherds are dependable. They are loyal. They are SO smart. And they love to please their people.

A little known fact to many people; I grew up with German Shepherd dogs. My (human :) ) son is named for my first German Shepherd my family had, when I was a baby and young girl. His name was Benjamin. We called him Benny. I have many fond memories of laying on beanbags with Benny and watching Sesame Street.

A well bred German Shepherd puppy is truly a sight to behold. Leah brought me just such a puppy when she commissioned me to photographer her Zender. I knew Zender and I would get along well, the minute he walked through my door. Armed with a sweet personality and all of that puppy fluff, Zender melted my heart on his first sweet nose kiss!

Zender's German Shepherd father is named Ven. I have always enjoyed Ven, both in the studio and in the field. And, lucky for me, Zender is just like his father! Both dogs share the same personality and the same drive to please their people. Zender and Ven also share their love for being photographed!

Little Zender already knew his basic commands.

He also knew some more advanced commands, like "chill." The "chill" command is used when Leah wants Zender to put his chin on the ground. IT IS SO CUTE to see Zender do this trick!

Zender has a great start to life with his human, Leah. And all the backing from a wonderful kennel, Lytle's K-9's, where Zender was born.