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Alaska Dog Photographer: Senior Dog Says Goodbye

Saying goodbye is the hardest thing we have to do with our dogs.

Our dogs simply do not live long enough. This fact stays in the back of our mind and lingers in thoughts with every pup we bring into our home.

I know I've said goodbye too many times with my own dogs. And it never gets any easier. Because of my own experiences, I'm honored to be there for my clients and their own senior dogs. I cherish the inquiries that begin, "I have a senior dog and I'd like portraits before it's too late."

Buzz was just such an inquiry. Danielle contacted me about portraits for her senior dog in the summer. Buzz was just about 14 years old and Danielle knew that now was an important time to make some portraits of her best friend.

Buzz hadn't been feeling too well, so we ended up rescheduling his session a time or two. But eventually, Buzz was his healthy and spry old dog self. It was time to do his portraits!

I thoroughly enjoyed working with this senior dog. Buzz's face showed off his wisdom from living a long life. His comfort in the studio and willingness to snuggle up to me told me he had lived a good life. A life filled with love for all his days. And probably some extra bits of peanut butter whenever he did something extra good. And I am of the opinion that Buzz did something extra good, nearly every single day of his life :)

Buzz's portrait session didn't last very long. Of course, Danielle and I didn't need a lot of time to get lovely images of her boy, Buzz. He did everything I asked, wagged his tail as thanks for his treats, and allowed me a few extra pats on the head before he left the studio.

It was only a very short time after his session that I learned Buzz had become sick again.

His time on this Earth was near completion and his human, Danielle, did exactly the best and hardest thing she could for him. When Buzz gave her the signal that it was time, Danielle listened, and gently held him while he moved on over Rainbow Bridge. This was the best thing she could do for Buzz. But also, the hardest thing she could do for herself.

Buzz is at peace now. Danielle can be assured in her knowledge that she gave him the very best life a dog could ask for. Good boy, Buzz. You have been so loved.