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German Shepherd Dog Photographer: Kyrie and her Mama

There is a bond between a dog and her Person that nothing else can compare.

The companionship a dog can bring to a human is a relationship worth documenting in portraits. And I am always happy to oblige, when someone calls for portraits with their pup.

Mary made just such a call about a portrait session with her German Shepherd Dog, Kyrie. Mary wanted portraits to commemorate her love of Kyrie. Kyrie is a five-year-old German Shepherd Dog who was rescued by Mary when Kyrie was just about 18 months old. Right from day one, these two were inseparable.

Mary takes Kyrie with her everywhere she goes.

Kyrie is such a gentle soul, traveling with Mary is a pure joy for this sweet German Shepherd girl. Kyrie is a pleaser and she loves to show off all of her obedience skills! Kyrie's favorite toy is, of course, her ball. Every time Mary would pull out the ball, Kyrie's eyes would light up and she would jump around her Human Mama with great excitement.

Kyrie has definitely bonded with Mary. She looks forward to hikes with Mary and together, they travel all over parts of Alaska to hike and play. These two gals have many selfies together on their adventures. And I have to say, a selfie is always better with a dog in the picture!

Mary brought Kyrie back with her, when it came time for them to view the portraits we'd made at Mary and Kyrie's session. I have to admit right now, how much I enjoy it when clients bring their dogs back for the ordering appointment!

Kyrie waltzed right in, as though she owned the place. This German Shepherd girl was so happy to see me once again. And, I think, even better were all the chew toys and dog beds I had available for her to keep entertained while we looked at all the portraits we had made.

In the end, Mary fell in love with the portraits of her and Kyrie. And I so enjoyed the opportunity to make portraits of these two girls, together. Their bond is clear in real life. I am happy to show that bond in portraits, as well.