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Portraits for dogs

Melissa Laggis Photographer: Blue Merle Australian Shepherd Dog

There are so many reasons why I love photographing puppies.

Their snuggly nature, their sweet and trusting expressions, and their prancing around the studio are just a few of the reasons. But, I think, my most favorite reason for photographing puppies is capturing such a fleeting moment in a dog's life.

Three of my most cherished portraits are the portraits of my three Great Danes as puppies. I have an image of each of them at eight weeks old, displayed on the walls of my home. Every time I walk by these portraits, memories of my time with them rushes through my mind. It is precisely because of these memories, that I so enjoy making puppy portraits for my clients.

Olivia brought her Australian Shepherd puppy, Siggy, to me so she could have cherished portraits of her own dog as a puppy.

Siggy is a sweet Aussie puppy! She has the most striking Blue Merle pattern I've seen yet on an Australian Shepherd. Her eyes have electric blue marbling. I could just stare at them forever!

Australian Shepherds are wonderful family dogs. They love their humans and love to be a part of a family pack. Siggy demonstrated her love for people by offering lots of snuggles in between shots. I have to admit, I believe I kept delaying the end of Siggy's session so I could continue to snuggle her!

My favorite image from Siggy's portrait session is definitely her chair portrait. Siggy LOVED sitting on my antique chair. Olivia and I weren't quite sure how an Aussie puppy would take to balancing on an old chair. But to our great surprise, not only did Siggy enjoy the chair, she wouldn't get down! As soon as Siggy realized we wanted her to wait on the chair, she laid herself down and got comfortable. Not a bad way to end a session, if I do say so myself!