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Melissa Laggis Photographer: Dachshund Mix Dog

I encounter all sorts of adorable mix breed dogs while shooting my sessions. And this Dachshund mix is certainly no exception! No one knows what other breeds are in this boy. But my guess is that he has a bit of Pomeranian roaming around in his genes.

Any dog with Dachshund in his blood is cute enough, in my book. But when I heard what this Dachshund mix's name was, I fell even more in love with the little guy!

This boy's humans named him... are you ready?... POOPER! I can confidently say that this is the first dog I've met named Pooper. His humans say they gave him that name because, "it's the only name he responds to." Well, I guess it's good to go with what works!

Pooper (I don't think I can get used to using that name!) was an absolutely pro during his portraits. He loved all the attention his humans and I lavished upon him. He bounced and pranced and spun around every chance he got!

Pooper also knew a few tricks and he was very eager to show off his skills! Pooper's most popular trick was his hand shake. I truly believe I could have asked him to "shake" 101 times, and he'd be happy to oblige every single time!

Another one of Pooper's tricks was his innate ability for the drama pose. The drama pose is what I call any pose a dog gives me that elicits an "ooo" or "ahhh" response from us humans. Pooper was especially good at his standing drama poses. These definitely ended up being favorite Pooper images for me.

All in all, this sweet Dachshund mix dog was an absolutely joy to have in my studio. I'm very much looking forward to having little Pooper visit again!