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Frankie the Great Dane visits from Fairbanks

The next time a Great Dane graces my home, he will be a Fawn Great Dane.

My decision was solidified as soon as I met Frankie. This handsome Great Dane boy came down from Fairbanks one weekend and stopped in for a headshot session with me. Frankie took my breath away just as soon as I saw him. He stands taller than most Great Danes I've seen and exudes a sweet personality. Frankie is a perfect example of the term, gentle giant.

Frankie was a model citizen for his headshots. He was ready to obey any command I gave him, just as soon as he saw I had cheese! I think Frankie had a good time getting portraits made, his tail didn't stop wagging the whole time!

The weather was frosty and frozen for this Great Dane portrait session.

Frankie's headshot session was in the late morning. I had hoped for good winter light so we could do Frankie's portraits outdoors. I ended up lucking out with amazing light and a cool, frosty fog that laid low just above the ground. Add this ethereal looking background to a stunning Fawn colored Great Dane and making these portraits felt like shooting fish in a barrel!

Good solid profile images were the goal of this headshot session. And Frankie pulled out all the stops! Great Danes are known as the Apollo of dogs. They should have a majestic and confident look about them. The headpiece of the Great Dane should also reflect the strength and elegance of this breed. Frankie's headpiece matched nicely with the Great Dane standard. I had a fantastic time working with Frankie and his humans. I'm very excited to see this handsome Great Dane again for more portraits! He is just stunning!